Announcing HSEpathway - Meeting the GED 2014

After much anticipation, LearnScape's HSEpathway is here!

HSEpathway - the "High School Equivalency Pathway" - launching this week, is LearnScape's new and improved educational product designed to help test takers prepare and succeed in passing the updated 2014 GED exam and earn their high school credential. Covering Math, Science, Social Studies and Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA), HSEpathway begins where LearnScape's GEDpathway left off.  It includes a new Instructional Guide and Pre-tests in addition to Quizzes, Post-tests and Practice tests - all newly configured to help test takers get fully prepared and ready to take the updated 2014 GED Testing Service exam. Now with new question types, better graphics and a completely redesigned user interface, passing the GED has never looked so good!

We invite you to take a look at HSEpathway and its new or updated question types: 

Drag and Drop questions - allow test takers to use their mouse to drag and drop images, such as pictures and words - interacting with the material and moving objects to designated targets on the screen to answer each question.  Drag and drops are used in many different ways - for example, in Science, to assess a test taker's ability to match terms to their meaning; in RLA, to logically order sentences in a paragraph; or in MATH, to complete numerical expressions.

Hotspot questions are a fantastic way to make the testing experience much more interesting and engaging. In hotspots, test takers use their mouse to mark their answer on an image, such as by placing a star on a number line.  Long gone are the days of filling in a bubble form - hotspot questions are a creative and authentic way to work on a question and provide an answer.

Fill in the Blank questions now have several updated configurations and are used to measure a wide range of skills and knowledge across all courses.  They now allow test takers to respond directly to a question, such as analyzing text and completing a sentence with a word or short phrase, instead of just choosing from a defined list of options.

Multiple Choice questions continue to form the foundation for the 2014 GED test.  True to their traditional form, test takers are presented with a question and 4 radio button options, for them to click on the letter of the best choice. 

Dropdown questions, another new type, give test takers the opportunity to select an option from a list in order to complete a sentence or equation, providing an authentic simulation of the editing process.  Once a test taker selects an option, the answer appears as part of the text.

Short Answer questions provide the opportunity for test takers to answer one or more questions in a brief response using their own words and self-expression, for example to give a summary of a passage or support a conclusion based on the passage.  These questions take approximately twenty-five minutes to respond to.

Extended Responses questions are similar to short answer questions in that they are answered in free-form, but unlike Short Answer questions, these require a much more extensive and in depth response that reflects more thorough thinking. These questions take approximately forty-five minutes to complete.

We invite our current clients to take a few minutes to review the new Instructional Guide and familiarize yourself with LearnScape's new HSEpathway and the new 2014 GED test.  If you're interested in learning more about HSEpathway, please contact us.

Welcome to the future of the GED and HSEpathway!


COMING SOON: HSEpathway Lessons

In addition to the HSEpathway Pre-tests, Quizzes, Post-tests, Practice Tests and Instructional Guide, LearnScape is in the process of updating its Lessons.  Designed to teach and review material from the foundation up, our lessons further guide the way to success on the 2014 GED. 

COMING SOON: HESpathway Expanding to Tablet Users

Stay tuned!