HSEpathway™ is your road to success on the GED®..

Our test prep software helps students achieve their high school equivalency, providing instructional, practice, and diagnostic resources in each skill area.

  • 66 instructional lessons, 63 interactive quizzes, 5 diagnostic pre-tests and 5 post-tests
  • 7-part GED Practice Tests
  • Math, Social Studies, Science, and Reading, Writing, and Essay components (in Reasoning through Language Arts)
  • Customized learning plan created from pre-tests
  • Over 3,700 pages total
  • Over 2,200 practice questions
  • Introductory Guide
  • Scoring and Results Review
  • Compatible with all major web browsers
  • Computer and Tablet-friendly
  • Fun and easy to use

How can HSEpathway™ help me?

LearnScape’s HSEpathway™ program features 66 GED prep lessons, 5 diagnostic pre-tests, 5 diagnostic post-tests, and a GED Practice Test. After a student takes the diagnostic pre-tests, they automatically receive a custom GED practice plan based on their test results, comprised of any number of the 66 GED prep lessons.

GED prep lessons are highly interactive, focusing on thinking skills. Specific, short practice tests are found throughout the GED prep lessons. Once the custom GED practice plan is completed, the student takes the post-tests. If needed, the post-tests generate a new custom GED practice plan.

Finally, a half-length, GED Practice Test can be taken, which gives a measure of GED Test readiness in terms of an actual GED Test score. Numerous community based organizations, career schools, and One-Stops are using our pre-GED and GED preparation software to improve the employability options of their clients.

If you’d like to learn more about LearnScape's HSEpathway product for your organization, or LearnScape’s GEDpathway product (for learners in other countries internationally), call us toll-free at 888-833-5535 or contact us.