Announcing HSEpathway Lessons - Meeting the GED 2014

After much anticipation, we are happy to announce that the lessons for HSEpathway are ready.  The “High School Equivalency Pathway” is the next generation of LearnScape’s GEDpathway.  As current subscribers, following launch, your instructors and students will be able to access the updated lessons. 

Following the launch, users will be able to access the improved lessons in addition to the current Instructional Guide along with Pre-tests, Quizzes, Post-tests and Practice tests for each of the GED 2014 subject areas: Math, Science, Socials Studies and Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA), which combines the former Reading and Writing subjects into one. 

HSEpathway is designed to help test takers prepare and succeed in passing the new 2014 GED exam and earn their high school credential.  Major revisions to the lessons include: better graphics and a completely redesigned user interface that is available now to both desktop and tablet users. 

We hope you enjoy the new product!